The main method of LED control with AC power supply

At present, AC power combining control methods mainly include the following:
1. Primary feedback power supply.The technique for low power LED lamp driver, with the original primary feedback charger switching power supply which is transplanted. This portion of the AC driver is not due to a LED application to change the specifications, there are many models available. In addition to volume restriction, on the design with switching power supply has no essential difference, to use LED is reasonable

2 .large isolated power lighting source. In this technology, LED driving all the switching power supply design, any company so far have not introduced the LED special AC drive, Power supply is a switching power supply. Basic can assert that the switching power supply is LED-AC drive, also is the main one of the application forms;

3 non isolated dimmable LED driver. Non isolated LED driver launched more targeted power technology, is worthy of recognition, is LED driver in one direction. Isolation security depends mainly on the shell cree page and clearance design, and does not require LED power must isolation design, there is no restriction on the output voltage value. The key is the isolation of more safety. Non isolated driving high efficiency advantages, combined with the structure can also design quality, safe, efficient LED products.

4 controlled silicon dimmer compatibility power. The application of special, limited to a limited number of, belongs to the transitional technology.

In the current mainstream AC power market, focuses on the first three. The isolation technology development . The two isolated dimmable LED driver design, is the transplantation of the switch power supply chip, essentially no from the original mode of switching power supply. Although the company's various experts and scholars are engaged in LED lighting power supply study, but at present the technology still stay in the switching power stage. This LED lighting power supply main research emphasis should be placed on the secondary part DC, a constant voltage switching power supply and distributed constant flow technology combined with.

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