AC adapter

A linear or switched-mode power supply (or in some cases just a transformer) that is built into the top of a plug is known as a "wall wart", "power brick", "plug pack", "plug-in adapter", "adapter block", "domestic mains adapter" or just "power adapter". They are even more diverse than their names; often with either the same kind of DC plug offering different voltage or polarity, or a different plug offering the same voltage. "Universal" adapters attempt to replace missing or damaged ones, using multiple plugs and selectors for different voltages and polarities. Replacement power supplies must match the voltage of, and supply at least as much current as, the original power supply.

The least expensive AC units consist solely of a small transformer, while DC adapters include a few additional diodes. Whether or not a load is connected to the power adapter, the transformer has a magnetic field continuously present and normally cannot be completely turned off unless unplugged.

Because they consume standby power, they are sometimes known as "electricity vampires" and may be plugged into a power strip to allow turning them off. Expensive switched-mode power supplies can cut off leaky electrolyte-capacitors, use powerless MOSFETs, and reduce their working frequency to get a gulp of energy once in a while to power, for example, a clock, which would otherwise need a battery.

This type of power supply is popular among manufacturers of low cost electrical items because:

   1. Devices sold in the global marketplace don't need to be individually configured for 120 volt or 230 volt operation, just sold with the appropriate AC adapter.
   2. The device itself doesn't need to be tested for compliance with electrical safety regulations. Only the adapter needs to be tested.
   3. Product development becomes faster and cheaper, because the heat produced by the power supply is outside of the product.
   4. The device itself can be smaller and lighter, since it does not contain the power supply.

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